Electric Propulsion

You Should Know

Full electric and hybrid systems​ are easy to scale andallows integration into various different systems!


Electric Motors
Highest Efficiency

  • Synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) - maximum torque from any speed, even from standstill
  • Liquid-cooled
  • Designed to work in harsh operating environments
  • Reduced noise and maintenance
  • Available both as generators and motors
  • Available with various speed ranges

Electric Converters
Power Control

  • Supports various communication protocols e.g. CANopen, SAE J1939
  • Customizable software functionality with CODESYS IEC61131-3
  • Easy to integrate into other software and systems
  • License-free programming tool
  • Essential technology by Danfoss Editron, external casing provided by Semikron and is nowadays the industry standard across all manufacturers

Case study
Ferry Happiness - Taiwan

Builder: Jin Harng Enterprise Co., Ltd
Type: Electric Hybrid
Delivery: 2016


  • EM-PMI electric motors
  • EC-C inverters
  • EC-C DC/DC converter
  • EC-C LCL filter


  • Halve daily fuel consumption
  • Up to 50% emission reduction
  • Significantly reduces operational noise
  • Electric propulsion significantly lowers maintenance costs


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